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Covering extensively door to door every industrial park since 2002 around South East Asia. If your target buyers are from Factories, System Integrators or simply looking for a Distributor to represent your company, and that your business only speaks Industrial. Yes, you are in the right place now.

Industrial Guide Asia has evolved from Directory to Magazine, and now a Verify Market Square, where any business involve Industrial Business can now sell to your kind of buyers Online seamlessly.

If you are a Manufacturer and want to sell to factory, vice versa, if you are a distributor, dealer or in the OEM, you can get all your business transaction done here. Verified.

All Register Companies are Verify through each local Official Government Registrant of Company. We only accept registration from company, businesses with valid document, in regards whichever country they come from. No Pirated Goods. Account will be wipe out with a police report made for this purpose to protect both buyers and industrial communities.

YES, we are managing your transaction in the Partial Good Old-Fashioned ways!