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Yes, this is our lucky 19th years, covering all over Asia, part of Middle East and Europe, from a few version of thickdirectory phone books to a hand held Magazine now. Free books, subscription and even sales leads following our tradition since year 2002. (Something gonna change here) We keep our team afloat and thriving with Advertising fees. Yes, we know what it is to be in a 'Challenging Time' , we surely been there before.Since 2016, many media publishing like us had decided to call it off, but how could we? Your support brought us so far now, technically a Young Adult in a Human life.

As hopeful, youthful and trusty 19 years old. We evolve. No, we are not going E-Commerce, have not decide to take that path yet, but we are in for this Affiliate Program. We believe this will draw traffic and generate sales to your E-store, your website, your company and organisation, with some paid program, they can even contact you immediately via Whatsapp by far the cheapest and best way to communicate in your fingertips especially communicating with Foreign Buyers.

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